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MMDI 2018 will be held at TAIWAN on July 8th - 16th, 2018

The International Expo for the Deaf in Taiwan (IEDT) and the Miss & Mister Deaf International Inc. (MMDI) from the United States of America are working together for the first time to hold an expo in conjunction with a beauty pageant that offers many activities in Taiwan.Have you ever wanted to go abroad to see a Deaf Expo or the Miss & Mister Deaf International Pageant, but time and money stops you? This festival will be held in Taiwan.You don’t need to go abroad and spend too much money.Don’t miss this opportunity. Come and enjoy the International Deaf Expo and Pageant!

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Deaf People Welcoming You to Taipei, Taiwan

Accommodation for MMDI Staff, Contestants, Fashion Models, Designers and Chaperone / Parents / Director / President

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Application forms and fees for Miss / Mister Contestants, International Fashion Designers / Models, Chaperones / Directors and Volunteers.

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Miss & Mister Deaf International, Inc. is a non-profit organization that pledges to empower, enhance, and support today’s continually growing community of Deaf women and men. As an organization committed to excellence, we are honored to provide a platform for our contestants, to demonstrate not only their unique talents, intellect, and beauty, but their overall personal and humanitarian goals. The esteemed winner of this competition will be distinguished as an Ambassador of the Deaf community. The role of Miss & Mister Deaf International, Inc., requires genuine dedication, as she/he will not only travel to meet with important leaders, but embody educational, social, and intellectual values of women and men everywhere. She/He will undertake this challenging role which is pertinent to a woman and man of great poise, grace intellect and strength – as is exemplified in the future Miss & MisterDeaf International!

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