Bonita A Leek

Bonita A. Leek



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MMDI’s CEO and Founder Bonita A. Leek has always known what she wanted and has never been afraid to go after it. Inspiration struck while studying for a B.A. in Psychology at the University of Central Florida where she began fighting for the rights of all deaf students to have interpreters provided. After earning her Masters in Deafness Counseling from the prestgious New York University, she dedicated her career to making a difference by seeking equal opportunity for the deaf community. Through her life’s work, Bonita has made great strides empowering and encouraging others to reach their full potential. Bonita has held countless leading positions in the world of non-profits and established several organizations that work on behalf of deaf children, adolescents, and adults alike. Having overcome so many obstacles in life, her desire to help the disadvantaged led her to spearhead a Miss Deaf USA Pageant in 2005 and Miss Deaf International in 2012. As the central pillar to the present-day Miss and Mister Deaf International pageant, Bonita has successfully combined her passions for deaf advocacy and cultural awareness into one rewarding and inspiring career.

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