In Memory of Laura Snyder-Gardner

It is with a very heavy heart, deep sorrow and extreme regret that MMDI has to inform everyone of the deaths of Laura Snyder, Partner and Executive Assistant to Bonita Leek, and her 16 year old daughter, Mary Ann.


The two died in a house fire in Washington DC.

Simple words are not enough to express how deeply and how many lives Laura had touched. Her love and zest for living, along with her humor and joy, made Laura a person people just wanted to know and to be around.

Laura had a very strong sense of commitment to the Deaf Community and always gave with a loving heart and a caring spirit. Her sense of duty and her huge heart were the driving forces behind her passion and love for the organization that she so truly believed in and committed herself to. The dedication to serving on the MMDI Board and her belief in the core values of MMDI could be felt by anyone that had ever been in contact with her and clear to anyone to whom she had a chance to explain what MMDI was all about. She was the true embodiment of everything that MMDI portrays and stands for and exactly what she wanted for all the Deaf Community.

Laura and Bonita, who first met while teaching together in 1990, have been close friends and have felt like they have been a part of the other’s family ever since. She was a very humble person who only wanted to be known as Bonita’s “Assistant” but was in fact, a true partner in every sense of the word. Her death is a huge loss to her family, the Deaf Community and to humanity.

She was always a giving person who thought of other’s needs before her own. Without Laura and her advice and business acumen, it would be hard to say where MMDI would be today. However, MMDI will move on with their lovely kindred spirits in our hearts and continue to honor her as we share the positive message that we know Laura was trying to promote to everyone by her involvement with MMDI. We know that is what Laura would have wanted us to do. Her infectious laughter and her beautiful smile still burns in the heart and minds of so many grateful people.

Mary Ann, her daughter was a beautiful bright and loving young lady who wanted to help her mother and had expected to follow in her footsteps and be a part of MMDI when she turned 18.

The world has lost two beautiful and shining souls and will be just a bit dimmer because of it.

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