MMDI 2017 @ Paris, France

MMDI 2017 @ Paris, France

July 10 to 17, 2017

Winners of MMDI 2016 @ Las Vegas

Winners of MMDI 2016 @ Las Vegas

Mrs. Bonita Ann Leek with Miss and Mister Deaf International 2016

MMDI Headquarter Hotel @ JW Marriott, Paris, France

MMDI Headquarter Hotel @ JW Marriott, Paris, France

MMDI 2016 @ Las Vegas, USA

MMDI 2016 @ Las Vegas, USA

July 10 - 16, 2016

MMDI 2014 @ London, UK

MMDI 2014 @ London, UK

MMDI 2013 @ Sofia, Bulgaria

MMDI 2013 @ Sofia, Bulgaria

MMDI 2012 @ Ankara, Turkey

MMDI 2012 @ Ankara, Turkey

Bonita with Miss and Mister Deaf International 2017

Photos of MMDI 2017

Photos of MMDI 2017

Sharing the random photos of MMDI 2017. The credits for those photos go to Nicaise Lepel and Julien Billy.

Miss & Mister Continent

Miss Deaf Africa

Miss Deaf Africa

Miss & Mister Deaf America

Miss & Mister Deaf Arabic


Miss & Mister Deaf Asia

Miss & Mister Deaf Europe 

Miss & Mister Deaf Oceania


The above results were determined by the following Judges:

MMDI 2017 : July 10 - 17, 2017 @ Paris, France

Schedule & Tickets

IBAN : FR76 1020 7000 5604 1561 1865 797
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Application & Fees

Application forms and fees for Miss / Mister Contestants, International Fashion Designers / Models, Chaperones / Directors and Volunteers.

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MMDI Plans – 14/07/2017

MMDI Plans – 15/07/2017

MMDI Plans – 16/07/2017

Staff of MMDI welcomes you!

Bonita explains how does the MMDI help the Community?

Why is MMDI from 10th to 17th July, 2017?

Bonita’s Partnership with David de Keyzer of Clin d’Oeil

Bonita Ann Leek, CEO Welcomes You

Jef welcomes you to Paris, France

Iwona Cichosz, winner of MMDI 2016

Bulent Yildirim, the Judge for MMDI

Press Release

International Deaf Fashion Show

Announcement about MMDI 2017

Important Notice

  1. Tickets are available for three Events (14th to 16th July 2017). Please click Schedule & Tickets to buy tickets.
  2. Contestants, Fashion Designers / Models, Directors / Chaperone, please refer to Application & Fees to download the application form.
  3. If you have any questions, please do e-mail us at

Video of MMDI 2016 @ Las Vegas

MMDI 2010 – 2016 Event


Miss & Mister Deaf International, Inc. is a non-profit organization that pledges to empower, enhance, and support today’s continually growing community of Deaf women and men. As an organization committed to excellence, we are honored to provide a platform for our contestants, to demonstrate not only their unique talents, intellect, and beauty, but their overall personal and humanitarian goals. The esteemed winner of this competition will be distinguished as an Ambassador of the Deaf community. The role of Miss & Mister Deaf International, Inc., requires genuine dedication, as she/he will not only travel to meet with important leaders, but embody educational, social, and intellectual values of women and men everywhere. She/He will undertake this challenging role which is pertinent to a woman and man of great poise, grace intellect and strength – as is exemplified in the future Miss & MisterDeaf International!

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